Technical Writing

Starting in January 2021, I have been fortunate enough to call myself technical writer for two fantastic technical companies.


In my spare time, I enjoy collaborating with different open source projects. In these projects I contribute to technical documentation, through writing or copyediting.


A brief collection and description of various freelance documentation projects I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Systematic Review

During my time at McGill, I aided in the developmental stage of a systematic review with a team of researchers. The project investigated the relationship between habitual intake of a population’s self-selected diet as recorded in nationally representatitve nutrition surveys, the proportion of animal- and plant-based foods, and any resulting environmental impacts.

Research Project

Linear programming and optimization modeling for health sciences

Writing Prompts I

These writing-prompt pieces were an exercise in tone, style, and audience, constrained to a meager word count of 150.


Copyediting is quickly becoming a favourite pastime. Monitoring for inconsistencies, repetition, style incongruities, and readability is at the same time deeply relaxing, and also a puzzle waiting to be solved.

DCM Research Seminar

Canine dilated cardiomyopathy: Investigating the roles of taurine, diet composition, and nutrient processing on heart health

Ecolabel Research Project

McGill Department of Political Science comparative ecolabel research project

Web Design I

Mobile compatibility and uniform design on a Zendesk help center.

Web Design II

HTML & CSS web build exercise

Writing Prompts II

Three short pieces detailing multidisciplinary positions towards climate issues

Retail COVID-19 Release

A letter drafted for a local pet store in response to COVID-19

Building a Static Site I

Documenting my experiences building a static site using Hugo: Part 1

Building a Static Site II

Documenting my experiences building a static site using Hugo: Part 2

Building an Antora Site I

I am currently writing documentation for a local server build project. For this project, we are using Antora to host the scripts and versioned documents.

Antora is a static site generator used to create and publish technical documentation. The three featues that make Antora especially useful for complex projects are:

Business Writing

Here is an example of a short report and executive summary I created during my time at the University of Calgary. The excerpt includes a brief description of the intended audience and purpose. Part of the assignment was to create an imaginary audience and purpose that would necessitate writing a ten page report. For my focus, I decided to use an environmental narrative, with emphasis on research, and a sales tone.


A localization project for an open source LaTEX application

This GitHub opporuntity allowed me to combine several skills—including information architecture, copyediting, technical writing, and how to ask the right questions.

Building an Antora Site II

Part 2: Launching an Antora website with GitHub Pages (A tutorial… based on personal experience)


Three samples of rewriting content

Animal Physiology Essays

While at the University of British Columbia, my particular area of research was in the Department of Science, where I specialized in animal physiology. I authored a collection of essays concentrated on race horses, who due to their nature as high performing animal atheletes, have a host of physiological adaptations that make them nonpareil from a biological perspective.

Web Design III

This design piece was an experiment in understanding the relationship between Sphinx and custom CSS.