A localization project for an open source LaTEX application

This GitHub collaboration opporuntity allowed me to take several skills—information architecture, copy editing, concise technical writing—in a new direction.

I was fortunate to find this project through GitHub help wanted, a website that allows users to sort for repositories labeled with attributes such as “documentation,” “up for grabs,” or “enhancement.” This particular issue was created to localize the technical documentation for a LaTEX-based application. Although I didn’t know how to code in LaTEX, the documentation was organized in XML and HTML files.

The project was really great to work on! Not only is the application really interesting (for more information, see below), but it required a combination of technical writing skills. Using some information architecture principles, I was able to separate and clarify the knowledge base skeleton for a more cohesive presentation. My primary focus was to ensure that end-users could read the Start and Installation guides independently, that is, without needing to reach out via GitHub for additional resources.

An important feature of this project was communication! If it wasn’t for such a great project lead available to answer my questions, it would have been a much bigger project.

Visit the GitHub repo for a closer look!

Latex Curriculum Vitae is a simple solution for writing job applications. Using LaTEX, you can produce, compile, and send beautiful documents directly within the application.