Technical Writing

Starting in January 2021, I have been fortunate enough to call myself technical writer for two fantastic technical companies.

Income Access, a Paysafe company

From January 1st to April 1st, I was happily a part of the Income Access technical writing team. This small team consisted of two other technical writers—one who specialized in business processes, the other who focused on client-facing documentation—and was nested in the larger department of Knowledge and Process.

My primary responsibilities were:

  • The migration of their current help center from WordPress to Document360. This included completely reformatting their documents from PDF to Markdown, the creation of an internal company-wide style guide, and helping to design the information architecture of the new space.
  • Creation of developer documentation and full participant at all levels of the Agile development cycle as member of three of the five development teams.
  • Editing of current interal documentation for the account management, level 1 support, and level 2 support teams to ensure clarity and correctness. Specifically, I focused on the documentation for BTAGs, tracking, and server-to-server relay.

ShareGate, a GSoft company

After completing the goals I had set for myself at Income Access, I found an amazing position as technical writer and content creator at ShareGate. ShareGate is a third-party Microsoft tool that makes managing complex Microsoft 365 environments easy.

My main responsibilities are:

  • Full ownership over the content maintenance and creation for the Teams management and governance app, ShareGate Apricot. You can view my help center here, at ShareGate Apricot help.
  • Design and maintenance of the layout, formatting, and presentation of the help centers. This includes the information structure, categorization, and hierarchy, as well as the HTML/CSS presenation of Zendesk.

Check out my other portfolio pieces on front-end web design for more information.

  • Assisting in editing existing content and working with subject matter experts to create new content for the ShareGate Desktop help center. I am particularly proud of the PowerShell series that I recently reformatted, as well as the Copy teams article series I co-authored.