Happy paths

Understanding and creating happy paths: new user UI/UX, user experience mapping, and Get Started guides.

First login

The first experience with an application is critical. You want the user to successfully complete small, approachable tasks that guide them through the foundational parts of the software, all while building familiarity and enthusiasm.

When you consider this flow alongside technical content, a product or development team can build corresponding help documentation that expands on these foundational tasks while providing context and next steps.

As Technical Communications lead I designed and mapped the ideal first-time user journey for two DataKitchen SaaS products, wrote the UI copy, and created the corresponding technical content. (Note, this product did not have in-app clues or interactive dialogues, though I have also worked on the copy for that type of system.)

Visual example


User mapping

When a user is faced with a complex experience a good practice is to map out the different interactions, choices, and decisions. To help reduce friction and simplify the user experience, I created and implemented (with the help of the development team) a new user experience for agent configuration and deployment.

Visual example


Get Started guides

In my time as technical writer, I have drafted and published three distinct Get Started guides.

It’s a very delicate balance, writing Get Started guides, in knowing how much to share, how to keep the user engaged, and how to avoid overwhelming the user.

The benefits and importance of Get Started guides cannot be overstated for product-led software and product-led growth. These guides benefit not only the user, but marketing, sales, and implementation teams.

Samples from Get Started guides

Practice your integraton


DataOps TestGen Quick Start


Initialize the Quick Start