A brief collection and description of various freelance documentation projects I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

The Perl Foundation: a foundation dedicated to the advancement of the Perl and Raku programming languages

With this project, I had the opportunity to provide a content-focused copyedit on a newly created contributors’ style guide for TPF. The read focused on tone, presentation, clarity, and completeness of a domain-specific style guide. Importance was paid to accessibility and inclusivity—both in tone, wording, and message.

CXL: an online institute and knowledge base for marketing and business development

For this project, I was tasked to take long-form, B2B, best-practice articles and turn them into structured, technical how-to documents for a proprietary knowledge base. For example, these documents were confined to within 10 steps or less, and always had a very specific scope and end-goal, such as, “How to import your user data into Google Analytics,” or “Better understand your referral analytics,” or “Get started with Google tag manager.”