In my spare time, I enjoy collaborating with different open source projects. In these projects I often contribute to technical documentation, content creation, and copy editing.

For example, I have helped restyle prose to better suit a specified tone or audience. I’ve also dabbled in web design and UI/UX. By volunteering I’ve learned valuable lessons, met interesting people, and developed so many new skills.

Here is a small snapshot of projects that I have contributed to:

LibreOffice: a project of The Document Foundation, LO is a free and open-source office suite.

Here’s a video commemorating the 10th anniversary of LibreOffice, with special focus on the amazing community members. (Skip ahead to 1:24 for a familiar face!)

Follow this link to download or view the Version 7 Calc Guide, and soon the Version 7 Impress Guide. I could not be more proud of our work.

Neher Labs COVID-19 Simulator: a web application that provides an interactive model and planning tool for COVID-19 outbreaks in communities around the world.

mpl_interactions: a library that enhances the interactivity of Matplotlib plots.

FLOSS Manuals: a non-profit foundation focused on creating high quality manuals and documentation.