Systematic Review

During my time at McGill, I aided in the developmental stage of a systematic review with a team of researchers. The project investigated the relationship between habitual intake of a population’s self-selected diet as recorded in nationally representatitve nutrition surveys, the proportion of animal- and plant-based foods, and any resulting environmental impacts.

Establishing a search strategy that would include relevant works, while maintaing the balance of scope, required several brainstorming sessions and impassioned discussions. Ultimately the process of a systematic review highlights the importance of communication, team work, hypothesis scope and vision, and creation of a dependable inclusion/exclusion list.

The systematic review process involved fundamental skills, including:

  • PICO systematic review formatting
  • Prospero registration process
  • Search strategy generation: adjacency searching, MeSH keywords, wildcards, truncation, and forward/backward searching
  • Exporting relevant sources into EndNote Software
  • Using Rayyan Software for archiving and screening