Master's research project

Linear programming and optimization modeling for health sciences

Scope: Optimization modeling for individual dietary patterns to meet nutrient recommendations and reduce risk of diet-related chronic diseases: Implications for 2019 Canada’s Food Guide

The following is a sample of the presentation to introduce my Master’s research topic. It was given in March 2020 at McGill University.

For the project, I generated a mathematical optimization equation (as shown below) based on an extensive literature review. I then translated this equation into AMPL to be run in R using Canadian Community Health Survey data. Due to COVID-19 University closures, I gave this proposal seminar as part of a Zoom-hosted web series. Presenting online helped emphasize the importance of clarity and pacing.

Below you’ll find the abstract and several key slides from the seminar. Please do not hesistate to reach out if you have any questions about the research! Cheers.



Sample presentation slides

slide1 slide2 slide3

Presentation references

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